My main interest in life is the enquiry into the source of life itself . This led me to Self -  Knowledge and Meditation which I formally began studying in 1963 at the School of  Economic  Science. Today I would like to share some of what I have learnt over the years on this subject.

I have included podcasts of conversations about Meditation which I hope would stimulate your interest in the subject.

My second interest was in Calligraphy  which was taken up as a hobby in 1972 when I was studying Philosophy also at the School of Economic Science in  London. I enjoyed the discipline of the subject and acquired enough skill within three years to begin teaching the subject.

In 1976 it was necessary for me to begin earning a living by calligraphy.This started with writing out short sayings on wood and selling them to shops for resale.

People brought their favourite poems and sayings to be written out.This eventually lead to a collection of handwritten and illuminated calligraphy,printed copies of which are now being offered for sale.

The aim is to make available what I have enjoyed and at the same time to, may be, contribute to the philosophic uplift of society.It is my dream that every home may one day have one of these verses framed on the wall. 

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